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Call for papers

The relationship between language and perception as an epistemological problem arises already in the works of Plato and can be found in philosophical discussions throughout the history of Western philosophy. With the development of logical semantics and pragmatics in the twentieth century, this old problem acquires new content. The range of ideas associated with the problems of the relationship between language and perception was defined by G. Frege, B. Russell, L. Wittgenstein, Ch. Peirce, R. Carnap, W. Quine, P. Strawson, H.P. Grice and expanded by S. Kripke, S. Neal, F. Recanati, B. Partee, J. Apressjan, M. Krifka, J. Hintikka, B. Geurts and many others.

Two major directions can be distinguished here. The first is the formalization of language in its communicative function, the analysis of intersubjective sense and pragmatics; the second is semiotics, the study of the polyphony of personal knowledge and language use, a variety of attitudes, ideas, aspects and visions of things. From the perspective of epistemology, these directions converge: in the course of representation and conceptualization of knowledge, language seeks to prefigure perception, while perception seeks to find a unique reflection in language.

In this issue, we want to present research on the relationship between language and perception from an epistemological perspective, and invite researchers who work at the intersection of philosophy, linguistics and cognitive sciences to participate.

Among the authors of the issue are Jean-Yves Beziau, Cornelia Ebert, Jens Lemanski, Emar Maier, Gila She.

We invite submissions focusing on questions that include, but are not limited to:

  • Conceptual knowledge and systems of perception
  • Biases of perception and ambiguities of meanings
  • Sense data and meaning in the language of science
  • Evolution of the cognitive and perceptive apparatus: at the intersection of semantics and pragmatics
  • Theory of meaning and models of perception
  • Terms for sensory data and perception in the paradigms of realism and pragmatism
  • The rhetorical trope as a cognitive tool
  • Perceptual knowledge of external objects and their naming
  • Semantics of sensations and seeming in object and knowledge representation
  • Mental representations: from pure concepts to sensory and motor experience
  • Evidence and fact in terms of perception
  • Sensory experience and interaction in communication
  • Linguistic representation of the world under the constrains of the body
  • Vision, hearing, touch, smell and other feelings in linguistic representations
  • Representation of knowledge in ontologies of perception

Important Dates and Submission Details

The submission deadline for abstracts (500 words): September 15, 2021 (please, send your abstracts to journal@iph.ras.ru).

Notification of acceptance: October 1, 2021.

The submission deadline for manuscripts: February 1, 2022.

Submissions are welcome in English or Russian. The preferred length of an article is 6000 words. General guidelines are available on the website (https://journal.iph.ras.ru/forcontributors).

All manuscripts will undergo peer review.

For further details, please contact the Invited Editors:

Dr. Ivan Mikirtumov, St. Petersburg State University, imikirtumov@gmail.com

Dr. Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen, University Higher School of Economics, Tallinn University of Technology, ahti.pietarinen@gmail.com